Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry in Gilbert, Arizona

Our Mission, at Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry, by desire and design, is to be a tool in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ as He works within the prisons.

Our goal is to penetrate every prison with the sound, biblical teaching of our Historic Christian Faith; establishing men and women that handle God’s Word accurately and apply it to their lives.


Our Principles are:

  • To encourage and teach the incarcerated believer
  • To declare the full wisdom of God’s Word through sound, biblically-based books, and other materials
  • To uphold the integrity of the Gospel as it is shared at every opportunity
  • To emphasize the truth that being “born again” will result in a changed life
  • To establish godly men and women within the prisons that will be used to disciple others through example and teaching
  • To maintain the balance of truth and love in all we do to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ