About Mt. Nebo

We are grateful and excited for this opportunity to share with you the vision God has given Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry.

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Vision and History

The vision for MNPM began to take shape in 1990 within a prison cell at Perryville Prison in Goodyear, Arizona.

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Director Chuck Holmes

He accumulated almost 12 years of incarceration before coming to know Jesus Christ while laying in a jail cell.

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Board of Directors

There are many godly men and women who make up the service and support team at Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry.

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Welcome to

Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry

  • Our Mission:
    To be a tool in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ as He works within the prisons.

  • Our Goal:
    To penetrate every prison with the sound, biblical teaching of our Historic Christian Faith; establishing men and women that handle God's Word accurately and apply it to their lives.
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  • Letter from Michael +

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, Yesterday I joyfully received "The MacArthur Study Bible", "Got Heaven?" by Robert and READ_MORE
  • Letter from Darell +

    Dear Sirs, How are you and yours, good I hope. As you can tell I am writing from WSP. I READ_MORE
  • Letter from Timothy +

    Dear Mr. Holmes, This lesson was an incredible blessing. Although I have a foundation in the Bible this was a READ_MORE
  • Letter from Tracy +

    Hello Brothers and Sisters there at "Mt Nebo", My name is Tracy and I would like to share my testimony READ_MORE
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Letter from John MacArthur


From: John MacArthur

To Whom It May Concern:

Very seldom does a ministry come along that captures my heart like Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry. With all the groups in our world that label themselves “Christian,” Mt. Nebo is a breath of fresh air. The difference? A clear, non-compromising commitment to God’s Word. That’s what sets Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry apart. This ministry drives prisoners into the Word of God, and that’s something that is very dear to my heart. I have spent most of my life in a relentless pursuit of knowing what the Bible says. And for over 35 years I have dedicated myself to preaching the Bible and nothing else. So Mt. Nebo’s loyalty to the truth is something that has thrilled my heart from the first moment I met Chuck Holmes.

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Audio of John MacArthur


In 1989, in a prison cell in Perryville Prison, a cellmate gave me a cassette tape with a sermon from Dr. John MacArthur.

Over the next two years, I listen to thousands of sermons and messages (many of them numerous times) and read every book he had ever written. I grew strong in my understanding of God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pastor MacArthur became a ‘father-in-the-faith’ to me and a teacher during that time of my life.

I had no idea (in God’s providence) I would one day begin attending the Sheperd’s Conferences at Grace Community Church. Nor did I know, while listening to Pastor John MacArthur in prison that he would one day come to our home in Gilbert, Arizona and that I would get the opportunity to share with him in detail the impact he had (still having) on my life, family and ministry.

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In this audio recording, John MacArthur describes his first meeting with Chuck Holmes, his reaction to his testimony, and his recommendation of the Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry.

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