Letter from Michael

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Yesterday I joyfully received “The MacArthur Study Bible”, “Got Heaven?” by Robert and Lisa Laizure, and your comments to the “Fundamentals of the Faith” Bible Course booklet.  How can I thank you enough? It was like Christmas.

The MacArthur Study Bible is fantastic; but what also really touched my heart were your comments throughout the “Fundamentals of the Faith” booklet.  I read every one; and a few times you brought tears to my eyes by your words and encouragement.

In prison, as I’m sure you can imagine, there’s so much negativity and hatred here every day.  I wrongly tend to let it get me down.  But you refreshed my heart by the love of God.

You even answere my question clearly.  I’ll treasure this for year to come.  And I’ll most certainly treasure the MacArthur Study Bible until the glorious day I can humble myself in the presence of our Holy God.

Thank you again and again.  I pray that you will continue to reach out to other confined prisoners like me.  May our Holy God also encourage you and bless you abundantly for your precious service to His glory.  I think you deserve a special thanks.

God be near,