Letter from Chris Mueller

To Whom It May Concern:

Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry is one of those unspoiled ministries that accomplishes its mission of getting the pure Word of God and sound doctrine to those who need it most.

It is so rare today to be able to participate in a ministry that is not fraught with gimmicks, complications or unsound doctrine. Yet Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry simply uses the Fundamentals of the Faith, the MacArthur Study Bible and doctrinally sound books to equip men in prison to reach and mature other prisoners for Christ. In the truest sense, Mt. Nebo is training prisoners to be Christ-like and doctrinally sound missionaries to their fellow prisoners.


My wife and I visited the home where Chuck lives and works. We saw that days stack of letters from prisoners requesting the Fundamentals of the Faith workbooks and reviewed the workbooks waiting to be graded. We also went into the garage, which he uses for shipping and receiving, and were amazed at the hundreds of Bibles, books and workbooks stored there. It was encouraging to read some of the letters from prisoners around the country at various stages of growth and ministry. It is clearly a great, unspoiled, biblically sound and wonderfully strategic ministry.

Often without dependence upon a chaplain, the ever-growing number of prisoners tied to Mt. Nebo are studying the Word of God and writing a godly man, who was also saved while in prison. While incarcerated as a new believer in 90-91, Chuck grew through his exposure to the teaching ministry (books, tapes, studies) of Grace To You and John MacArthur. Now, as an elder in our church, Chuck is one of the key people many turn to when they have a doctrinal question.

I cannot recommend Mt. Nebo Prison Ministry highly enough. This ministry is having an ever-growing impact throughout the prisons of this country. I sincerely hope that you will extend to it both your prayers and support.

Sincerely, a fellow servant of Christ,

Chris Mueller
Senior Pastor / Faith Bible Church
Murrieta, Ca