History and Vision


The vision for MNPM began to take shape in 1990 within a prison cell at Perryville Prison in Goodyear, Arizona. Mt Nebo was adopted into the mission program of Redemption Church (formerly East Valley Bible Church) in 1991. Books and Bibles were being sent to prisoners throughout the country.


We offer a 13-chapter workbook called “Fundamentals of the Faith” that allows an inmate to earn a new MacArthur Study Bible. Thousands of these are completed each year as God grounds men and women in His Word. We are the largest distributors of the (English) MacArthur Study Bible in the world. Thousands of the MSB are sent to state and federal prisoners each year.



We desire to see God penetrate every prison in the country with books and materials that reflect the truth of Historic Christianity*. To have the Gospel proclaimed with boldness and integrity by those, and to those, He brings across our path. To see multitudes of prisoners brought to the Cross and given the tools and encouragement they need to learn God’s Word and apply it to their lives.


(*Materials are only available to state and federal facilities. We are not involved at the county or city level.)