Letter from Tracy

Hello Brothers and Sisters there at “Mt Nebo”,

My name is Tracy and I would like to share my testimony with you all there and I would also like to express my true desire to participate in the lesson you offer “Fundamentals of the Faith”.

I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with a very abusive Father and a drug addicted Mother. As I grew older, my parents stopped all their bad activity slowly but completely. By this time, I was so full of hate – I just wanted to get revenge. Well one thing led to another – my hate increased, and I ended up with restraining orders against me from both my Mother and my Father.  I kept falling into one bad habit after another, finally falling to the streets and reaching the all-time low with drugs, drugs and more drugs.  Well, crime was a way to pay for drugs and as hate increased, so did my illegal activities.  It didn’t take long for God to set me free from that life style. I finally had gotten myself arrested and started going through the whole court process.

My Mother, my Father and even I agreed…this was a gift from God…taking me off the streets and allowing the system to get me clean and sober. And in a clean and well-maintained facility where I would learn a great deal about responsibility and my morals. I had no integrity, no self-esteem, I was at the bottom – I had no hope. Or, so I thought. I allowed Satan to have me believing I was just a loser.

Well, let me just straighten Satan out here. I had to lose my freedom to really get free. I gave up something I could never keep, for something I could never lose! A very close christian brother shared that with me and I never have forgotten how he put it!

OK – well I’m an intelligent fella, so I see different groups that always seem to be happy, joyous and free. All this from studying – hum – I want what they have I told myself…to be honest..who wouldn’t want this? Who doesn’t want to be part of a drug-free, alcohol-free group that gets so  much from laughter and happines from being surrounded by fellow Christians and studying the Bible…I wanted in! I made acquaintances with a few of the right guys and set some goals. I dedicated time to getting my G.E.D. and some other programs and at the same time still swinging by one of the Christian brothers cell who stays in the Word of God all day and our conversation led to my writing this testimony expressing my interest in the lesson of “Fundamentals of the Faith” so that I can learn more in depth the very iimportant things I need to know and receive my very own “Study Bible” to love and take care of and use it to keep my self straight and become more involved in Bible Studies. Being brought closer to God. This Christian brother here referred my to Mt. Nebo and has completed the “Fundamentals of the Faith” and uses his “MacArthur Study Bible” all day/every day.

My request is will you please send me the application and workbook so this brother and I can work through it and get it returned to Mt. Nebo in hopes of receiving my very own “MacArthur Study Bible”?

I want to thank you in advance and wish all of you there at Mt. Nebo a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Sincerely Submitted,