Letter from Darell

Dear Sirs,

How are you and yours, good I hope. As you can tell I am writing from WSP. I am in the Sunday service. It’s on Paul’s past life as a persecutor before Christ came into his life. Unlike myself, where I came from is alcoholism.  But, like Paul that was part of my past. I’ve been here just three months.  And I go to church six nights a week. Just can’t get filled with all the good news of Jesus Christ. 

I have been walking with Christ for about one year. So I am just a babe in the Lord. I go to discipleship meetings on Wednesdays and send for bible studies lessons and I believe I am growing, thank God. I was lost but now I am found. I asked the Chaplain about a study Bible. He told me to look on the back of the church flyer and I saw Free Books and then it said MacArthur Study Bible. I prayed about it and felt lead to ask you if it would be possible that I get one of the study Bibles from your ministry. It will help me in my walk to learn and then I can be there for other inmates trying to change and come to know a better way to live and love with the way of the gospel.

Peace be with you!

Love in Yeshua Adonais name,


P.S. Any kind of faith books would be wonderful.