Letter from Armando

Dear Chuck,

My name is Armando, and I am 36 years old.  I am currently incarcerated in Everglades C.I. and have been in prison for approximately five years already, but even in a dark place as this the Lord placed some very good people in my path that guided and directed my steps towards the Lord.  I have been saved for a little over three years now and have been studying diligently to get to know my Savior more intimately.

Before I came to the Lord, my life was filled with all types of sin.  I used to sell and use drugs, I was an alcoholic, a smoker and many more things that don’t need to be mentioned.  But thanks be to God, He has delivered and forgiven me for all those sins.

Now He is using me to spread His Word and has allowed me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with my family and the people that surround me.  The Lord has truly helped me and blessed me ever since I decided to give my life over to Him.  He has filled that void that was in my heart and has given me that peace that surpasses all understanding, just like His Word promises.

A friend of mine recommended your Bible course, Fundamentals of the Faith, and I would greatly appreciate it if I could get one for my further studies.  

Thank you very much for your time and the services that you provide for those who are incarcerated.