Letter from Tracy

Hello Brothers and Sisters there at “Mt Nebo”,

My name is Tracy and I would like to share my testimony with you all there and I would also like to express my true desire to participate in the lesson you offer “Fundamentals of the Faith”.

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Letter from Timothy

Dear Mr. Holmes,

This lesson was an incredible blessing. Although I have a foundation in the Bible this was a fantastic review. It is rare to find a lesson that contains a comprehensive overview of faith. In my time being incarcerated I have found it alarming that men will make a decision for Christ and there is no follow-up. They are left with no foundation, no knowledge of their new faith to navigate this world. Since they have not been taught they fall back into the only ways they know, their old ways. This lesson would provide a good foundation in the fundamentals. It spurs the believer on, gets them to start searching the Scripture and we know that is the key.

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Letter from Darell

Dear Sirs,

How are you and yours, good I hope. As you can tell I am writing from WSP. I am in the Sunday service. It’s on Paul’s past life as a persecutor before Christ came into his life. Unlike myself, where I came from is alcoholism.  But, like Paul that was part of my past. I’ve been here just three months.  And I go to church six nights a week. Just can’t get filled with all the good news of Jesus Christ. 

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Letter from Michael

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Yesterday I joyfully received “The MacArthur Study Bible”, “Got Heaven?” by Robert and Lisa Laizure, and your comments to the “Fundamentals of the Faith” Bible Course booklet.  How can I thank you enough? It was like Christmas.

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